Aims & tasks

The GlobalSense tasks are divided in 5 Workpackages.

WorkPackage Main tasks 2021-24
1 Database of international lessons plans – leader Jerusalem Coordination of the production of (international) lesson plans on migrations and religions

Improvement of the pedagogical design

Identification of best lesson plans to be included in the database (which criteria, etc.)

Creation of a database of lesson plans & teacher education methodologies, mainly for practitioners: teacher trainers, teachers, adult educators

Diffusion of the database through various audiences, networks.

2 Joint Methodology – leader Brussels Comparability framework allowing for an assessment of similarities/differences between teacher training in our 5 countries. What is country-specific (prescriptions), what may evolve internationally.

Systemizing the teachers training concepts in order to make them comparable

Systemizing the concepts about citizenship – citizenship education,

1)  in a historical perspective taking account of globalization (Antiquity, Middle Ages, modern times)

2)  in a rhetorical perspective, as exercises in rhetoric help us to take some distance toward the discourse we use in the teaching of citizenship (history, philosophy, intercultural education, etc.)

Identification of the pedagogical practices taking place in each country, which need to be discussed/shared among us & our associated partners

3 Global Sense Research Report – leader Weingarten Advise on the guiding questions during students exchanges

Make our research available to multiple audiences: policymakers, educational authorities, researchers, trainers, teachers

Answering European recommendations on social and civic competencies

Assess the development of the “global sensitivity” of our trainers & student-teachers

Make (parts of) our methodology replicable in other contexts

4 Better and better pedagogical practices – leader Nantes Identification of what is understood as a “good practice” in each country of the consortium. Who are the students, their resources, theirs constraints, the obstacles, their specific challenges?

Identification of the impact of the design in each teacher training context : curricula, new collaborations, getting aware of our “national” pre-conceptions as a way towards better practices, etc.

Foster these practices in each institutional/national context: teacher training, secondary schools

5 Policy recommendations – leader Nantes Promote favoring conditions making it possible for other actors to reshape the GlobalSense method

Enrich policy indicators –  ICCS: IEA International Civic and Citizenship Study

Relations between “citizenship” and other educational issues: inclusion, feeling of belonging to a school community, student (dis)engagement, active citizenship (including towards migrants) in the school environment, involvement of parents, teachers (see associated partners)


Developing Global Sensitivity Among Student-Teachers

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